16 Nov 2016, 16:11

Camping, when and how?


Among the most significant parts of your camping gear is the tent. The tent you purchase should suit the size of your camping party and your needs. If you’ve got young kids, to allow them to sleep in the same tent with you, likely need to buy a big tent. Purchase them their tent, so that they do not have to bunk with the grownups if your children are old. What I’ve used for transportation is a columba bike.

An excellent multipurpose tool must be part of your camping gear. You will find two types to bring. First is the power saw/hammer/ax 3-in-1 tool. The other is the standard multipurpose tool like a knife, tweezers, scissors, and a can opener with many different instruments on it.

A must take thing is a fire starter kit in case you are planning any backcountry camping. Fire is a means to cook, keep you warm, purify water, and sign for help in case you are in a survival scenario. Many camping stores sell fire starters that can are used even when wet, nor need any fuel. Additionally, try making fire when you’re not in a survival scenario, so you understand if the demand arises you can do it.

Use different coolers for beverages, ice and perishables. Ensure that you package your ice individually while it will not matter if the perishables and drinks go into the same one. This will keep the temperature down, so you will have ice for longer than you’ll have otherwise.

Hard conditions are a must in this kind of excursion; you should know what you’ll experience in your trip. It is possible to bring the appropriate equipment and clothing when you realize what the weather will be like.

It’s possible for you to make meals that are delicious even if you are camping. You don’t always eat burgers or only franks and beans. Package a carton with spices and herbs, olive oil, brown sugar or whatever you enjoy.

Now that you know the advantages of camping as a holiday option would you go in the woods? You might be surprised at how much enjoyment it is going to bring despite having less room service, to the entire family!

Ps: This is the bike i was talking about alt text